About the company

VIKS product line is developed for the most demanding customers, who are looking for the most advanced technologies and for innovative products only. Our customers live active life, eager to manage their time in the most effective way and keen to enjoy maximum of comfort delivered by personal electronics in any environment: at home, in the office, doing sports, traveling, etc. Impression, they make on others is of high importance for them, so we offer only most stylish and up-to-date looking products.

VIKS team restlessly monitors the evolution of the technology to form an attractive product portfolio and strives for delivering customers the most innovative products immediately after their market launches. In the meanwhile, VIKS is very sensitive to the products quality, each model is carefully tested before mass production. In order to ensure best possible customers experience right after purchasing, VIKS pays a lot of attention to the owners manuals, clearly explaining product features and modes of use.

We strongly believe that the purchase should be made in the comfortable and customer-friendly environment with highest client service level. This is the reason why VIKS selects sales partners so carefully and focuses on the large retailers and on-line stores with an impeccable reputation.

VIKS highly values customers’ opinion, "Feedback" tool on the web-side helps us to clients voice. Trust and long-term relations with customers are of paramount importance for us and this helps us make our service better.