Recommended price: 499 RUB

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Comfortable work!

VIKS deluxe touch screen gloves with side-thumb design delivers seamless convenience and functionality. This affordable model allows the gloves to be worn on either left or right hand. 

Soft and comfortable

Silver yarn is the most conductive and reflective metal of all. That makes our gloves versatile, effective, and more fun when using on larger touch screen devices such as tablets or iPad.

Thoughtful & Stylish Design

Economic design for the glove to fit either hand. No fat & chubby fingertips, for style and better control when typing. Traps more heat inside the gloves as well as provide firmer fit to wrist.

  • Suitable for iPhone
  • Suitable for iPad
  • Suitable for other OS
  • Material
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Tencel/Merino Wool/Conductive yarn/Polyester/Spandex